Saturday, January 15, 2011

Elmo had a family day at the beach.

Hi Everyone

Elmo had a great time at the New Years Eve party and after resting for a day hit the beach at Hastings Point in New South Wales for a family fun day at the beach.

Elmo went with Lauren, her parents, and her 2 brothers and their families. It was a great day in the sun.

Setting up the shade tents.. Elmo didn't need to get any redder!

Elmo enjoyed a nectarine as part of his picnic lunch.

Elmo practiced his boogy boarding skills!

After all the running around on the beach Seth and Elmo head for a rest in the shade. Elmo doesn't have a dummy so Seth let Elmo suck his thumb!

Elmo climbed up the tree for a photo looking out to sea.

Elmo loves Emily, Sam and Seth being in the picture with Elmo.

Jack taught Elmo how to climb the tree!

Sam and Elmo enjoyed sitting in the tree telling each other stories.

Elmo went for a walk down onto the beach. Elmo had to be very careful because there was sharp oyster shells on the rocks.

Chloe, Sam, Emily, Elmo and Jack! All happy cousins!

Elmo was exhausted from all the fun on the beach that Elmo fell asleep in Emily's Dora chair.

Elmo had a great day with all of Lauren's family at the beach. Elmo is headed off to see Kimm next week and he is going to take Elmo for a drive in his Buick! Elmo is very excited about this and knows that Eric will be keen to read this post.


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